[UKR] (Folk-Jazz / Word-Fusion) DoVira - Дискография, 5 релизов - 2012-2016, MP3, 192-320 kbps

DoVira / Дискография
Жанр: Folk-Jazz / Word-Fusion
Страна исполнителя (группы): Canada
Год издания: 2012-2016
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 192-320 kbps

2012 - Nese Halya Vodu (single) 192 kbps [00:04:45]

01. Nese Halya Vodu (Несе Галя воду) (04:45)

2012 - Oy Chiy To Kin' Stoyit' (single) 256 kbps [00:04:00]

01. Oy Chiy To Kin' Stoyit' (Ой чий то кінь стоїть) (04:00)

2013 - Yihav Kozak Mistom (single) 192 kbps [00:03:43]

01. Yihav Kozak Mistom (Їхав козак мiстом) (03:43)

2014 - Obrys (EP) 320 kbps [00:19:20]

01. Nese Halya Vodu (04:42)
02. Oy Chiy To Kin' Stoyit (03:59)
03. Ty Zh Mene Pidmanula (03:22)
04. Oh U Nedilen'ku (03:32)
05. Yihav Kozak Mistom (03:45)

2016 - DoVira 320 kbps [00:42:18]

01. Yest' Na Sviti (04:23)
02. Dyki Husy (03:58)
03. Horila Sosna (04:41)
04. Oy Na Hori (03:40)
05. Maryno (05:14)
06. Oy Zijdy Ziron'ko (03:23)
07. V Bij (05:17)
08. Teche Richenka (04:40)
09. Oy Pye Vdova (03:40)
10. Kolo (03:22)

Об исполнителе (группе)

DoVira [do-VEE-ruh] is a Canadian world fusion group that integrates Ukrainian and Eastern European folk music with contemporary arrangements, electronic textures, and other music influences from around the World.
Fronted by Ukrainian-born pianist/vocalist/composer Stacey Yerofeyeva, the group also features drummer/percussionist Derek Gray from Ventanas, guitarist Patrick O’Reilly from D’bi & the 333, bassist Mark Rynkun, and Mike Romaniak from Lemon Bucket Orkestra; a pioneer in integrating the sopilka (a traditional Ukrainian flute-like instrument) with guitar pedals & effects.
DoVira, whose name translates to 'trust' in Ukrainian, released their first EP ’Obrys' (or 'Outline') in 2014. The EP featured re-mastered versions of such successful singles as 'Yihav Kozak Mistom', featuring the Sudanese multi-instrumentalist Waleed Abdulhamid (currently celebrating 38,000+ views on YouTube).
DoVira is now thrilled to present their their debut full-length album, self-titled as ‘DoVira’ (releases November 25th, 2016 at the Burdock Music Hall in Toronto). Recorded at Canterbury Music Company in Toronto, the album features nine guest artists, including Juno-award winning tabla virtuoso Ed Hanley (Autorickshaw), woodwind master Ernie Tollar (Tasa), Georgian polyphony specialist Andrea Kuzmich (Darbazi, ZARI), and Slavic white-voice singer Anastasia Baczynskyj (Lemon Bucket Orkestra).
The album singles out the Ukrainian folk melody as the point of departure for a musical treasure hunt within tradition. By putting a contemporary spin on well-known folk songs, while researching and reviving forgotten material, DoVira hopes to showcases the beauty and richness of this music to broad audiences. By collaborating with artists of different backgrounds, including Indian, Polish, Georgian, and French-Canadian musicians, the project has an even greater philosophy. With the events going on in the world today, negativity and hate is increasing between brothers, sisters, and the closest of neighbours. DoVira aims to spread awareness about Ukraine's current struggle to keep its culture alive, while promoting a universal message of trust and a 'unified planet' through their music. DoVira’s music isn’t meant to be catering to a specific community or demographic – it is true contemporary 'world' music.

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